Is it normal for one breast to be larger than the other 5 weeks post fat transfer?

I had a fat transfer 5 weeks ago and one breast is larger than the other and still a little red and some lumps. The lumps are going slowly although breast still 20% bigger than the other. Do you think it will even out naturally? My surgeon says it will as he placed same amount of fat in each. Thank you

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​Fat Transfer to Breasts

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Fat Transfer to Breasts

Fat Transfer to Breasts has rather unpredictable tract record, when it is used for breast enlargement. The most consistent result typically is achieved with use of the BRAVA device. Most of the patients in my practice choose not to proceed with the BRAVA protocol. In my practice I routinely use fat transfer to breasts for adjunct reasons, like correcting mild asymmetries, post-surgical contour issues, etc., as opposed to simple volume enhancement. In your particular case, mild asymmetry should subside. You will get a good idea of long tern symmetry after approximately 3 months.

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