Is It Normal to Feel Tightness and Pulling in the Middle Part of the Eyelid and Hurt when You Try to Look Up, After a Asian Blep

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Tightness after surgery

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The amount of discomfort you feel after surgery will gradually decrease as each day passes. Tighteness is common right after surgery, but this should resolve itself in a couple of months. If you still feel tightness and it’s been several months after your surgery, then you should see your surgeon for an assessment.

It depends...

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It depends on how far out you are from surgery? If its recent [within a few weeks to a couple of months], then it is probably normal post op swelling and healing.

But if its happening more than 3-4 months out from surgery, then its probably something that may need to be looked at a bit closer.

As always, please discuss your post op symptoms with your surgeon as he/she is the only one that truly knows what was done during the surgery.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Asian Blepharoplasty

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Since you had surgery a few days ago, your healing sounds normal.  Be sure to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon for post op care. 

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