Is it normal to feel pain 1 month post-op butt implants?

I got round buttock implants on January 31 2014 so its been a month and 3 days but I still feel a little bit of pain around the implants is that normal? the scar looks very good its dry and not red or hot or leaking

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Is it normal to feel pain 1 month post-op butt implants?

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   Pain issues should be improving and resolving as time passes.  Anything that deviates from this should be addressed by your surgeon.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Pain is still normal one month post op

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Even though every patients condition is best known only by the surgeon who performs a procedure, because of the pressure the implant makes over the gluteus maximus muscle, it is still normal to have some degree of pain at one month post op. But that pain shouldn't be physically impairing, as it should progressively get better by itself. 

If your pain continues or the visit your surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon, so that you get better treatment.

Good luck 

Rafael E. Estevez Hernandez, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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