Normal to Feel a Knot on Top of Belly, Below Breast Bone?

Last night I took colace and drunk prune juice which resulted in horrible cramps in having a bowel movement which also made me super nauseous. I ended up throwing up some food I had eaten and also had very loose watery stool.

So now I feel a knot on top of my belly below my breast bone and I would like to know if that's normal or any area of concern? I didn't hear anything pop in regards to the sutures, however the knot feels a bit painful and uncomfortable today. I'm 7 days post op.

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"Knot" on top of belly below breast bone after tummy tuck and vomiting.

While this may be "normal" swelling, the fact that you did not notice this until after you became nauseated and vomited, may make this a small hematoma or collection of fluid, caused by the significant increase in pressure on this area during emesis. This bulge should be checked by your surgeon, as it can usually be aspirated or treated conservatively (watchful observation) to properly deal with this. However, this decision is best left to your surgeon, and requires an in-person recheck. Another rare possibility may  include a suture tearing through and causing a small hernia, which is a bigger concern.

Depending on the proper diagnosis, this should have no effect on your final result if dealt with promptly and appropriately! Good luck!

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