Is It Normal to Feel What is Happening During the PAL Lipo Procedure?

Hi, I have just had PAL assisted lipo on my stomach, abdomen area 3 weeks ago: I would like to know if it is normal to feel anything at all DURING the procedure as I had considerable pain/ burning feeling at certain areas. Iwas told that I would feel something toward the end of the surgery, but this was not only at the end of it. I told the surgeon at the time when it was painful but he didn't say a thing.I haven't seen him since the op but am due to on the 6wk mark.What should Isay to him?

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Pain and PAL lipo

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It is not unusual to feel some vibratory sensation of a liposuction instrument under local anesthesia with sedation but certainly not pain and or burning.  The local anesthetic was not adequate for the procedure.  Your surgeon should be informed at your next visit so that he can improve his technique or perform like cases under general anesthesia in the future.

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PAL lipo pain during the procedure is NOT related to the procedure, but to the anesthesia!

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You chose to have this procedure under local anesthesia, or local plus sedation, rather than general or TIVA anesthesia. Lower cost is the benefit of this choice, NOT safety, since all are safe (but NONE are perfect). The latter two are the only anesthetic techniques that can offer a "no-pain" or "completely-asleep" description, since you are either awake completely, or partially awake with local or local plus sedation, respectively. Your awareness during the procedure is NOT related to the power-assisted liposuction technique itself, but to an area or areas of inadequately-anesthetized tissues, or lighter sedation (choice and doses of medications) than necessary to keep you comfortable AND unaware (or at least unremembering)!

You should let your surgeon know, just so he or she can improve their methods for other patients.

BTW, did you have your surgery at an accredited facility by an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon?

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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