Is it normal to feel a bubble/pop sensation 5 weeks post op on the least filled implant?

I had 350cc sub-muscular saline implants, left filled to 370 and right to 400, 5 weeks ago. The left which is the smaller one has dropped much faster but is also the one that when massaging, I feel a slight air bubble/popping/air shifting sensation. I called my PS and I have an appointment Tuesday. I feel it only on the outside, also a little pain. What could it be? should i worry? My fear is a rupture/leakage or that it may be rippling already. The fact they were overfilled makes me not think ripple.

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Sensations after breast augmentation

After breast augmentation surgery, many women hear and feel sensations which can be different on one side compared to the other. Usually this is from a small amount of air or fluid around the implant. It is common to have sloshing sounds, and bubbling sounds. As the months go by after surgery, these should diminish and eventually stop as the body absorbs the air and fluid. Often times the larger breast has more room and a smaller implant is placed leaving everything feeling softer than the smaller (tighter) breast with a larger implant. This can explain some of the difference between the feel of the implants from one side to another. It would be unlikely to have a rupture this early after surgery.

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