Is It Normal for the Fat Transfer to Feel Hard and Lumpy Where Transplanted?

I had fat transfer to the eye, lip, and under eye area and an open rhinoplasty a week ago. I have indentations where the cast on my nose was resting on my checks. My face and nose is extremely swollen, my top lip is stiff, you could see the marks where the stitches were taken on one side of my nose. Is the lumpy, hardness and extreme swelling normal? I look so deformed. I am really worried! I can provide pics privately.

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Swelling lumpiness and hardness

you have had a significant amount of work and your face sees that as trauma and mounts an inflammatory response that created underneath swelling with firmness and lumpiness. You have to give it many weeks to calm down.

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Fat injections

Fat injection to the lip causes significant swelling for some time. Wait 6 weeks for the swelling and hardness and lumpiness to soften. After that if you have any concerns then you ought see your surgeon and discuss your concerns

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Time heals all wounds

Sounds like all your concerns are completely normal since you had your surgery only a week ago.  Time is a greatly equalizer (healer).  I these area will improve.  Continue close follow up with your surgeon.

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