Is it normal to have face pressure and intermittent pain right after having a crown adjusted? The tooth already had a root canal

Intermittent pain was felt before the adjustment but no pressure. Pressure is in face, cheeks. Intermittent pain is random in gums. Will the pain and pressure subside?

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Pain after root canal'ed crown was adjusted...

There are two likely possibilities here:

1)  You may need your crown adjusted again, because if your crown is ever-so-slightly high, then it can cause tremendous pain from the unbalanced bite.  A simple re-adjustment may eliminate the pain.

2)  You may need a retreat of your root canal.  It is possible that there is still some nerve or decay still left in the tooth root that a second root canal could remove.  

Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

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Is Pain Normal After A Crown Adjustment

If your tooth was sore before going in for the adjustment  this could have exacerbated the symptoms. Was the root canal completed recently? Did you feel like the crown was hitting significantly premature before the adjustment. These are important questions to have answered prior to giving an accurate answer.  I would let your dentist know about your symptoms and he/she will likely place you on an anti inflammatory for a few days.  If your pain persists after this you should have a radiograph taken to look for any other abnormalities in the tooth, crown, or surrounding bone.   Good luck.

Scott Young, DDS
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