Is it normal to experience pain at the top of the implant 7 days post op?

Now 8 days post op after a BA (375cc silicone sub glandular) & a nipple lift on left side. Almost pain free since surgery!! 7 days post op & suddenly, significant pain at the top of both breasts! A little bit above the top of the implant and INCREDIBLY sensitive to touch. Not red & inflamed. No more swelling. Still sore today but not as bad. As I type this I can feel them increasing slowly in pain again and fear a repeat of yesterday!

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Breast pain after implant surgery

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Thank you for your question and photos. It is not unusual to have some pain and discomfort in the days and weeks after breast surgery. Pain is very different from one person to the next and you may notice that as you become more active, there can be an increase in some of the discomfort. You should have a follow up appointment with your surgeon, and it is a good idea to bring these things up with him or her as they can then examine you and make sure that all is in order. If the pain increases dramatically and does not go away, you should contact your surgeon for a more immediate follow up visit. Best of luck.

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Pain after surgery

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It is not uncommon to experience pain at different times during recovery. It is great that you were very comfortable during the first week. Sometimes that leads to increased activity earlier than your body can tolerate and pain can increase. It is always important to notify your surgeon with any changes immediately so you can have an evaluation. Since it is on both sides and you have no redness, it is a good sign that it may be just part of the healing process. I would still recommend that you contact your surgeon ASAP to discuss your symptoms.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
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