Is It Normal to Have a Drain After Smart Lipo and Can You Do Flanks and Abs Done at the Same Time? (photo)

Hi. I am getting my flanks done on the 6th and my abs done on the 9th. I was told that it was not safe to do both at the same time. He will be doing tumescent. I have not read about others having it done on differnt days. Also he said he will be attaching a drain and I have not read about other people having a drain. Is this normal practice?

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Is It Normal to Have a Drain After Smart Lipo and Can You Do Flanks and Abs Done at the Same Time? (photo)

Because your "doctor" is not a boarded PLASTIC SURGEON. I would never split up these areas. I believe he/she can not do any anesthesia BUT local. I would recommend having IV sedation + local or a light general and have both areas done. On another vain, from your photo I think you might not be a good candidate for abdominal Smart Lipo. Best of Luck. Also I have done over 2,000 Smart lipo and NEVER used a drain. I would if needed but still I have not. Also I do multiple areas at one surgery. 

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Tumescent liposuction really ahs been the gold standard.  Drains are not needed for this procedure.  Some doctors use it for the techniques that induce heat like Vaser and Laser lipolysis.  They do have higher risks of seromas.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Drain after Liposuction

I do not use drains for my liposuction procedures and find that unusual as well. Multiple areas can be done safely at one time and most commonly are.  The main concern with lipo is not going over four liters or so in one setting.  You don't appear to have that issue of reaching maximum volume. Lastly, while all surgery can be done under local or even twilight, it is extremely hard to get a patient comfortable. I strongly encourage my patients to have anesthesia when getting multiple areas liposuctioned.  

Always make sure you are going to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and that they operate out of a fully accredited facility that can offer all types of anesthesia to you.  

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Let's start with the drain. I agree, very unusual. I am not saying no just that I have never used it nor do I know anyone who has. As to dividing that operation up on separate days probably means that the surgeon does not offer twilight sleep anesthesia and for most people doing the amount that you're describing under local anesthesia can be a little stressful. Nothing wrong with it but it sure would be more convenient to do everything at one time.

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