Sensitivity to Cold w/ Invisalign

I am almost done with my treatment. Recently, I started to have a very strong sensitivity to cold on the tooth that needed the most movement. Even the cold air hurts me. My doctor took xrays and found nothing wrong. I am really scared. I don't think that I could live with this. Have anyone have this problem?

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Cold sensitivity with Invisalign

The symptoms you describe are usually a result of inflamation inside the tooth and are called "pulpitis".  Appliances that move teeth (like Invisalign or braces) do not cause this, however, pulpitis may flare up during tooth movement if a tooth already has a little bit of preexisting internal inflamation.  Pulpitis often goes away on its own (reversible pulpitis) or may not (irreversible pulpitis).  In the latter case a root canal may be required.  If it is, don't worry!  Root canals eliminate the pain and are highly successful.

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