Are Normal Cohesive Gel Implants Easy to Rupture and Harder to Remove/replaced?

I have had Inamed breast implants stye 120 for three years happily. But Only until very recently, I have got to know the differences between "cohesive gel implants" and "highly cohesive gel implants".( There are a lot of confusing or messy explanations of these two generation implants on internet still) :(. Now I began to worry about my implants are easy to rupture, to migrant outside scar tissue when ruptured, and will be difficult to get them removed/replaced in future... Is it true?

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All Silicone Breast Implants Utilized Today Are Cohesive

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While there is a difference in the level of cohesion between the third generation of implants ( the most commonly utilized implants, of which the 120 is included in that group) and the fourth generation of implants ( the Allergan 410 series or the Mentor CPG), they are all extremely cohesive.  This means that the silcine will not migrate outside into the breast tissue itself.  The rupture rates and ease of removal are not any different between the 3rd and 4th generation.  In reality, most surgeons say it is harder to remove the 4th generation implants because they are not as pliable and need bigger incisions to get them out.  In your case, I would not worry yourself over the differences.  I hope this helps.

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