Is It Normal to Have Chronic Headaches and Earaches 5 Years After Surgery? (photo)

I also have huge amounts of mucus, very thick and gross, and my skin Graf is still white, I thought it would have turned pink? I really do not know how the mucus comes out of my nostrils because its so thick..My ent doctor scoped it about 1 year ago and said it was a combo of infection from my allergies and sinuses. Do you have any recommendations for a medicine? I have already did allergy shots and they made me to dry, im now on a drug called nohist caplets and they are not working either..

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Is It Normal to Have Chronic Headaches and Earaches 5 Years After Surgery?

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In general, the side effects following a rhinoplasty (which usually take place in the first few weeks) may include but are not limited to:

1) Moderate pain associated with the surgery
2) Swelling in the nose and around the eyes
3) Congestion
4) Bruising under the eyes

I would recommend visiting your surgeon to have the skin graft examined. It should become more pinkinsh in color as revascularization occurs following your procedure. Thick mucus could be a sign of an infection. Is this a chronic issue as well? Your headaches and earaches are being caused by another issue, and are unrelated to the rhinoplasty. They could also be related to an infection. If the medication your ENT gave you is not working, I would recommend seeing them for a follow up for a different medication and to determine the causes of the issues you are experiencing. I hope this helps, and feel better!

Chronic headaches and earaches five years post-op not a common result

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It is important to know what kind of nasal surgery you had. Was it a rhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty with septoplasty? Why was the skin graft done and where (the picture is inadequate to answer these questions). The symptoms you describe are not a normal result five years after a nose surgery.

You may want to repost the question with this additional information added.

Best of luck to you,

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