Is It Normal for my Chin to Be Completely Numb?

I had revision chin implant but this time he did it via my the inside of my mouth. It's been over a week and my lip is still tingling and my chin is completely numb. I am having trouble speaking and my jaw gets really tired after a while. Is this normal? When will this go away? It was so much easier the other time when it was done via outside. My chin is so huge and looks so unnatural. Should this be the case? My chin is really hard and stiff which did not take place last time. Why is this?

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Numb chin after implant

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The numbness and tingling you are describing are not uncommon after chin augmentation surgery with an implant. 

Typically the implant is placed in what is called a "subperiosteal" plane. This location can place tension or stretch on the nerves that provide sensation to the chin. This tension or stretch is increased with a larger implant. 

The fact that you are experiencing "tingling" like your foot or arm is asleep is reassuring that this numbness should resolve over time. Over time however may mean up to 6 months. 

Always discuss these findings and concerns with your surgeon so they can evaluate your symptoms. As they performed the procedure, they have a more intimate knowledge of what occurred and can provide more specific information to you about what may be occurring. 

Sensations Following Revision Chin Implant

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Some of what you describe is not necessarily surprising. Of course, your best course of action would be to ask your surgeon these exact questions. Until then, tingling sensations and numbness can be seen following chin augmentation with an implant. This is particularly true just over one week out from surgery. Many of these sensations, called paresthesias, should get better in the next 1-2 weeks. Swelling is also quite normal at this stage, especially if this is a revision surgery and the route taken this time was through the mouth. Along with the more pronounced swelling this time around, the overlying soft tissues can become temporarily hard, or what we call indurated. This too should resolve within the next few weeks. Best of luck with your healing.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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