Is it normal to have burning pains on the sides and under my breasts 23 days post op of my ba with large implants?

Today it is day 23 post op after getting 750 cc silicone implants placed under the muscle... I was a small c and should be brought up to a DDD which is what I was while nursing so it should fill me out nicely once the swelling goes down and they drop. I had very minimal bruising and no redness but I had this burning torch like pain any time I sat up or moved wrong.... It's gotten better but what is this?? Should I still get this burning 23 days post op? And it's mostly on the left breast.

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Burning sensation may be due to stretched nerves

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You have very large implants. Your nerves are likely being overly stretched and the ones that have been cut are in the process of healing. Both can cause a burning sensation. While this should resolve, your surgeon can prescribe medication to help soothe healing nerves and prevent any permanent nerve pain.

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Burning after breast augmentation

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Without an exam it is impossible to tell what might be the problem. Best to be seen in person to be properly evaluated.

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