Is it normal to have a burning pain two weeks post op?

Today I'm two weeks post op and have been in allot of pain. My right breast has this burning feeling when i touch or massage it. Also, i can feel my implant along the sides and it burns so bad to barely touch it....please help

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Treatment of burning pain two weeks post breast augmentation

At just two weeks post breast augmentation, it is not unusual to still have burning pain.  This is most commonly caused by the compression and stretching of the nerves to the breast and nipple.  In most cases this will resolve over the next few weeks.  Pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and gentle massage can speed the process.  Check with your surgeon to see what they would suggest in your case.   Best wishes.

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A burning pain two weeks post op?

After surgery some pain is always present but as you  feel other symptons  the best advise is to go to your plastic surgeon to check your breast. Good luck!

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Burning discomfort following breast surgery.

The breast implant may be irritating or compressing a nerve.  This is not unusual. As the postoperative swelling resolves, this pain usually resolves also.

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