Normal Bruising or Hematoma 5 Days Post Op Breast Reduction

I have just noticed what appears to be a bruise underlining the incision under my breast. There is also some bruising on the top of the incision, It is not painful nor has any extra swelling occurred. I am going to call my PS first thing tomorrow just wondering if it could be a hematoma. It does not look or feel lumpy just looks worse than a bruise, dark purple colored, is this dangerous and can it be a hematoma, I did expect a fair amount of brusing but just being overly cautious, thanks

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Breast reduction recovery

Based on your description, you are probably experiencing bruising (not hematoma). With a hematoma you would notice some swelling associated with the skin discoloration. Your plan to see your plastic surgeon  is a good one. Best wishes.

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Bruising after a breast reduction

Some bruising on the skin is quite normal after a breast reduction which in most cases does not represent a hematoma.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Bruising after a breast reduction

Hematomas can occur after any surgery including breast reduction.  Some surgeons place drains other do not.  A significant hematoma can occur even when drains are used, so a drain will not prevent this from occurring.  If your breast is twice as large as the other side then this is a hematoma that may need to be surgically drained as it can have a detrimental effect on healing causing more pain, stiffness of the soft tissue and generally delaying an otherwise uneventful recovery. Your condition seems more like normal bruising and should resolve on its own. 

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Bruising or hematoma after Breast reduction surgery

From your description it sounds as if it is bruising. A hematoma typically occurs over a brief period of time and rapidly changes with one breast becoming significantly larger and more painful than the other. In most instances, it is farily obvious! If this occurs, you may want to contact your PS on a more urgent basis.

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