Normal for Bruises to Appear Exactly Where Stitches Were Removed?

I went through an upper Blepharoplasty and an Epicanthoplasty on 8-28-10. It has been 2 weeks and 2 days. I had a partial incision where 3 stitches were done on each eye. I recently got the stitches removed 2 weeks after the surgery and now there are bruises EXACTLY where the stitches were. Since I had 3 stitches (inner, middle, outer) on each eye, the bruises are like 3 lines. EX: - - - Also, after the Epi, inner corner of both eyes are kind of red and has a bump. Is this normal?

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Normal early wound healing

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At 2 weeks and 2 days, a "bruised" appearance and red bumps along an eyelid incision would be completely normal.  The bruising should go away in another week or so.  The thickening, however, make even get a little worse over the next month or so as the body continues to heal the wound with scar tissue formation.  Then things should steadily settle down, but it will take several more months for the incisions/scars to be completely mature.

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