Normal Bodyjet Lipo 14 Days Post-OP Results?

All measurements(but 1)same. 14 yrs ago went thru tume.lipo 2x- 1st time no results.Revision:obvious results 10 days post-op. Had diff. areas this time:flanks,inner thighs, inner knees-some Sattlebags and Butt (only area with change). listed areas in order of my importance.Worried about having first time experience again. Diff. PS this time, says final results 6-8 Months. He never said what results to expect,only that he "did areas I wanted done". Will those flanks be gone?

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Normal Bodyjet Lipo 14 Days Post-OP Results?

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14 days is too soon to see results, especially with bodyjet since it uses a lot more fluid.  We don't do our post op photos until 3 months to allow for most of the swelling to be gone.

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