Can't Bit Down Properly Without Invisalign Aligners

Is it normal to not be able to bite down properly when the aligners are removed? I am on my second day of treatment and I notice the attachments to my teeth do not allow my back teeth to meet properly. This makes makes eating difficult. Is it because the extra room is allowing proper placement for the changing shape of my bite? Do I just have to eat mushy food for a year?

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Bite must be considered with Invisalign Attachments

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Attachments are required for a variety of reasons.  Proper Invisalign treatment planning involves making sure the correct movements are achieved.  Often times, this requires the use of attachments to anchor certain units, or to allow different movements to be expressed.

When the aligners are on, there usually isn't any issue with biting on any attachments.  Attachment choice and location should take into account the way your teeth bite together without aligners in.  If you are in occlusion on attachments, there is a greater chance of them coming off.  There are times that attachments cannot avoid the bite, but these situations are rare and should be identified to you by the doctor.  There are also transient stages where teeth may bite differently as they move to their final location.

Speak to your doctor to discuss your difficulty with eating and see if there is anything they can do to help your situation.  Good luck!

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