Is it normal or should I go back?

I had my TT done 4.5 wks ago along with hernia repair (above belly button). Took me almost 3 wks for a fully straight standing position. Then I started feeling better, swelling decreased and it was not too painful anymore. About 5 days ago I started feeling a weird tweezing like movement inside, and I thought "I pulled a stitch". I have felt it a few times now, always on same spot. Today it is swollen again and a bit painful.

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Swollen Area after Tummy Tuck

-Most likely everything will end up being just fine, but it's always a good idea to discuss your concerns with the plastic surgeon who performed your operation.

-He/she is really in the best position to be able to carefully examine you and reassure you.

Is it normal or should I go back?

Although nothing here sounds particularly alarming, I do think that the only way you can be properly reassured is with a call to your surgeon, who can decide if you need to be seen ahead of schedule.

All the best.

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