Normal After Surgery or Should I See my Surgeon?

I am post opt 12 days from a tummy tuck and breast lift reduction, surgery time was 6 hrs. I am experiencing occasional dull ache in my left inner thigh area and when I massage the area it goes away quickly. Do you believe I need to be concerned of a blood clot? I feel that I have been getting up regularly, every hr and half -per surgeon instructions, to stay mobile and my surgeon had me do the Lovenox injections for 7 days post opt along with elevating my legs and so forth.

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Mommy makeover ache in leg

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  It is important to make sure that you do not overlook any pains that are outside of the surgical areas and especially in the legs.  The area that you are describing is not the usual place for a blood clot but it certainly must be the rule-out issue at this time.

  Let your plastic surgeon know of your ache and get the advice needed to make sure that this is not something serious. 

Are Blood Clots After A 6-Hour Surgery A Possibility?

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All plastic surgeons, and for that matter all surgeons, worry about the potential for a blood clot post-op.  These clots normally develop in the calf area, and traveling up the leg into the Vena Cava, then eventually into the lung.  Pain in the upper medial thigh would be an unusual sign of a clot, but all leg pains post-op should be reported to your plastic surgeon immediately.  

From your report, your plastic surgeon did an excellent job of decreasing the possibility of such clots by using Lovenox, early mobilization, etc.  This does not guarantee clots might not form, but it sure decreases the probability. 

This is no time to worry, and yet as I previously stated, call your plastic surgeon. 

After a six-hour operation your surgeon should be available to you without hesitation.

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I'm not sure the pain in your leg amounts to anything but there is the remote possibility of blood clots as you mentioned. Any concerns you have should be addressed to your surgeon.

6 hour TT and BR/BL

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Your description, although not typical for a DVT, of pain in your thigh is not usual after this type of surgery.  Unfortunately DVT or PE are significant problems. Despite the fact you were on Lovenox, I would recommend evaluation by your surgeon and possibly a simple study to rule out this possibility.  Better safe than sorry in this situation.

Good Plan

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You surgeon seems to be managing your risk of a blood clot quite well. Pain that goes away with massage is not a typical presentation for a blood clot. Dscuss wtih your surgeon further. All the best. 

Questions about leg pain following an abdominoplasty

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An abominoplasty is the one cosmetic surgical procedure that places a patient at a risk for blood clots including Deep vein thrombosis and Pulmonary emboli.  The scary thing is that 50% of these are asymptomatic.  The area that you are having pain does not seem to be typical for a blood clot but you should make your plastic surgeon aware of your concerns.  If there is any question then diagnostic studies should be performed.  

See your surgeon ASAP

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Although your description is an unusual place to experience pain from a blood clot you should have it checked and explored if needed. A blood clot after surgery could be a serious complication and should be ruled out if any concerns are there. The fact that you were placed on 7 day of Lovenox may indicate that you maybe at a higher risk for a clot.

Good luck

Dull Ache in Inner Thigh Area after Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

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   All of the precautions have been taken, but a physical exam and possibly an ultrasound may be need to rule out a blood clot.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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