Is It Normal After a Mini Tummy Tuck to Have Creases and Wrinkles Above the Incision Area? (photo)

Its been 2 weeks since my op and I'm a little worried about the creases and wrinkles around my lower ab and also my belly button looks abnormal Will creases fade over time? Here is a before and after pictures.

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Mini Tummy Tuck

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Very minor creases and wrinkles are normal after surgery and usually resolve within the first 3 months.  You have some moderately sized creases which I am no so sure will resolve.  Looking at your picture through, I have to ask if you were operated on by a board certified plastic surgeon?  You incision looks to me to be too high for a mini tummy tuck.  Also, based on the looks of the rest of your body and your lower abdomen in the pre-op picture, it seems like you could have had liposuction of the lower abdomen and achieve must the same effect with the long scar that you have now.  However, without seeing you in person or without more details from the surgery and your pre-op, it is impossible to know for sure.  At this point, you are very early post op and you will be very surprised how quickly you start to heal over the next few weeks.


Good Luck.

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