Is This Normal After Lipo?.. Can Thermage Help my Skin Condition?

I've done lipo on my knees (on the top) and a bit on inner thighs in 3 months ago. The results is good. After the fat removed on the top my knees, they look like have a gap. From the front look good not from sides. I just wondering, can Thermage helps my skin condition to look more better?. I still feeling they are tight/hard inside and a bit painful, specially when I want to start standing and walking, is this normal?.. I apply oil & lotion & still wearing my compres. garment. Thx for answer.

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Thermage after lipo to knees and inner thighs

Greetings HO~ You may still have some swelling in the areas your concerned with, especially if it is still a bit sore. It's difficult to know precisely without seeing you.   Even if you have some discomfort, you should exercise and walk to have adequate circulation/blood flow for healing. Thermage can be helpful post lipo to improve the quality of the skin in treated areas-tightening and thickening by stimulating collagen.

Good luck!

Dr. Grant Stevens     

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