Is This Normal After Discovering a Seroma After Mini TT and Lipo of Flanks/Thighs?

After 1 week my doctor pulled my drain out he never had me measure the fluid it stayed dark red. At the next appt he had to drain a 250cc seroma i fainted during the draining process. At the next visit he drained 170c and then injected a "flush" not sure what it was but i fainted again i had a burning sensation in my stomach for a day after and went back and had 80cc of fluid he drained it but doesnt seem to want to hes put me on bed rest and 2 compression garments im worried about the fainting?  reffering to a mini tummy tuck with liposuction of the flanks and thighs

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Seroma after tummy tuck

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When a seroma occurs, aspiration is usually the treatment of first choice.It is not uncommon for a number of repeat aspirations. Often, during a second or third aspiration, the surgeon may inject betadine, tetracycline, or alcohol to try to "sclerose" the cavity, encouraging it's edges to collapse and heal together.  Sometimes a drain must be re-inserted, and rarely, an operative procedure is needed to resolve the seroma. 


While it is certainly a nuisance to the patient, it is rarely a health-threatening complication.Good luck and best wishes. 



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