Is This Normal After a Breast Reduction? One Side Up One Side Down! (photo)

Hi I am only 1week post op. Therefore I do know things can change hugely. What I do want to know is from my photos taken at day 7 & 8 post op is there really any chance of this naturally correcting itself. My follow up appointment is not for another 5weeks.should I panic and contact him or relax and wait. There is plenty of swelling but they are soft and not hot and red. previous size Uk 34E desired size 34C.

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Asyimmetry is normal after a reduction

but your photos are difficult to interpret as to whether your arms were level when you took the photo. Regardless, your roller coaster left the station and as you've said, you need to heal as changes will occur during this process. If things do not heal to your satisfaction and the concerns obvious, most surgeons are eager to revise results to improve them. Keep your surgeon in the loop and be patient.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Is This Normal After a Breast Reduction? One Side Up One Side Down!

Yes there seems to be an asymmetry issue. But the posted photo is extremely poorly done! Re post better frontal photos..

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Disparity in nipple-areolar complex positions may correct with time

Jigster: the post-op 1 week pics show a good volume reduction and shape, which should eventually approximate a 34C.  While there does appear to be a difference between nipple position, occasionally this may resolve with time.  I would advise holding tight and waiting for the post-op 5 week appointment. If any adjustments are suggested, most surgeons would suggest waiting a minimum of 3-6 months, postop.  Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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