Normal After Breast Lift and Reduction?

I am 12 days post opt from a tummy tuck and breast lift with reduction. I noticed that my right breast is larger than my left with conisderable more bruising. I believe that the right side is just possibly more swollen due to over use of my right arm to help myself get up and down due to the tummy tuck, could this be correct? My surgeon stated that he was very suprised with how dense my breast tissue was with being 42 yrs old.

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Breast lift issue

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WIthout an exam I can not say why your one breast is larger. It could be swelling, a hematoma, or simply that less tissue was removed from that breast, to name a few. Best to follow with your surgeon.

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Uneven breasts after reduction

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Asymmetric edema at post op day 12, is not uncommon and could be a cause of your unevenness. Of course hematoma as well as other causes are also possibilities. The best advise is to speak with your surgeon and voice your concerns. She/he is in the best position to evaluate the problem and advise you.

Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr., MD
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Normal after breast reduction/lift to be much larger on one side?

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Without photos it is hard to formulate an answer. You could've had asymmetrical breasts to start with and that asymmetry persist postoperatively. Your description of larger with more bruising could poit toward a postoperative hematoma in your right breast. Your plastic surgeon should be able to determine that and the appropriate course of action. If it is small, allow it to resorb, but if it is large, needs to be evacuated to prevent healing issues such as infections or contour changes. Good luck.

Brusing & Swelling

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Bruising and swelling can often be asymmetric. This may affect breast size and shape after surgery.  I would wait until the swelling and bruising resolves before evaluating the results. All the best.

One breast larger than the other following a breast reduction surgery

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If one breasts is a little bigger than the other then there is no cause for alarm but if it is double the size then there is a possibility that you have developed a hematoma.  You should be evaluated by your surgeon as soon as possible so that this condition does not effect your final result.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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