Is It Normal That Accutane Worked for my Back but my Face Got Worse?

i am in my 5th month in accutane , and my back got really clear , but my face has gotten worse , i had mild acne on my face , but what i feel that my face got really worse since the day i started accutane , however , my back responded positively to the medicine , is that normal ?

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Accutane for back and face

Acne is complex on different parts of your body, so some parts may respond better and quicker than other body locations. The face is a bit more complex because the pores are just different. A lot of what's happening is normal because facial acne can get worse for a bit while you're first on Accutane, and then take a quick turn and start clearing up. The purpose of a course of Accutane is to get a specific amount of mg of the medication into your system to combat the type, severity, and location of your acne, plus your weight. Facial acne can be harder to combat for some people and it just takes time. Be patient, see your doctor regularly, and discuss any changes with him/her.

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