Is this normal? I am 10 out of breast augmentation with lift. Is it possible for implants to shift? (photo)

I am 10 days out of a breast augmentation with lift my scars are still very tight and sore I can barley lift my arms above my head and my left breast is still much more swollen and my nipple is still projecting out in a more point like shape and there is a hard flatish spot im unsure of if its just sore swollen tissue or if my implant shifted

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postoperative swelling.

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 It appears on the left side that you have some ecchymosis around the periareolar incision. In other words there is some light bruising to the skin. With that in mind it appears that there is some swelling on that side. However there appears to be a good color to the areola  and no signs of ischemia or blood supply issues in the picture. Nevertheless I recommend that you contact your plastic surgeon to determine whether or not there is an issue on this side that requires treatment. The breasts will take some time before they settle down and their shape will change over the course of the next  six months.

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