Is this a hematoma, bleed, or seroma? Another surgeon for muffin top removal? Surgery now or wait til bleeding stops? (photo)

Five months ago I had abdominoplasty with liposuction. Every week since then I've had an aspiration of dark liquid blood. The amount is slowly decreasing from 90 ml's every week to now about 20. Thankfully I'm still numb so I do not feel these weekly aspirations. The first couple of weeks my abdomen was flat. However, now the area just above my scar has formed a muffin top. My surgeon (whim I like) said he will "make it right" but I'm concerned about the same complication occurring.

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Abdominoplasty Revision

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I think you should consider the revision.   It is not likely you will have the same seroma events and you will have a nicer end result.  My Best,  Dr Commons

Chronic Seroma after tummy tuck

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  Being 5 months after a revision tummy tuck and having a chronic seroma has probably allowed you to get a "capsule" formation around the fluid.  This is a scar that your body forms around the fluid in an attempt to isolate it.  When chronically forming, it will many times need to be opened and have the "slick" scar removed and then refresh the area getting ready to close.  Sometimes, your surgeon will need to do "quilting" of the surfaces and this allows for instant contact between the surfaces.  Then an abdominal binder is used to compress post op.  There are other methods to treat this such as a centerline incision in your abdominal scar and placing a "penrose drain".  This is different than the bulbs that you had.

  It is great to have a good relationship with your plastic surgeon.  Discuss it with him/her and get to a resolution of the issue.

  Good luck to you.

Chronic seroma

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It appears that you have chronic seroma. These may be very resilient to treatment and may last for quite some time. In same cases treatment may include opening of the abdominal wound (partially) to remove cyst like structure around seroma. Considering that you have good working relations and trust with your surgeon I would recommend you to continue with current treatment and be patient. Once seroma is resolved fine contouring of the abdominal "deformity" can be done. Good luck. 

Zoran Potparic, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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