I'm I a good candidate for fat transfer? (photos)

Ok, so I have asked about a lower eyelid blepharoplasty before, and was told I'm not a good candidate. I have an issue with hollowness under my eyes, or tear trough deformity. I know fillers are an option, but I want a more permanent solution to this. So could I do fat transfer/grafting for this? What are the risks? Also, what is the average cost of fat transfer for the under eye area? Would this be under local anesthesia? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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Fat Grafting to Upper and Lower Eyelids

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You could be a good candidate for fat grafting to the upper and lower eyelids.  Look at many, many before and after images to find a plastic surgeon who regularly provides natural looking results with fat grafting to the upper and lower eyelids.

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Fat Transfer

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Fat transfer is a good option for you and can be permanent if done correctly.  My average cost to do this procedure is about $3500.00 and can be done under sedation.  

Yoav Barnavon, MD, FACS
Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

Fat Transfer for under eye hollowness

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I do think you would be a good candidate for Fat transfer to fill the cheeks and the under eye hollowness and tear trough.  That said, I would advise you to start with an HA filler to be sure that you are happy with the results and which. a;though not permanent, would last for awhile before undergoing the more expensive, but more long lasting Fat Transfer procedure.  You can get a good idea of prices by checking out the average price paid for this procedure by doctors near you on RealSelf.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Fat Transfer to Face

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Fat transfer from the tummy or thighs to the face is an excellent option for people of all ages. Younger patients can enhance their cheekbones or lips with fat that is natural and long lasting. As we age, our face deflates, losing fat, causing sagging skin to look more obvious. Fat grafting to the face rejuvenates the face with biological filler, your own fat! I frequently use fat transfer to my facelift patients to enhance and prolong the result. Depending on the individual, one treatment does the trick, but sometimes secondary touch ups are needed. It can be done under local, especially just the tear troughs, and prices vary by region.   Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!

Fillers first

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I think that you are better off to try using filler products first to see if you like the result you are getting.  Best of luck.

Lower lid hollowing

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It is still always a good idea to try HA fillers first to make sure that filling will give you the look you are hoping for.  Restylane is a good option for this and will last at least a year.  Fat is much more difficult to do and if you don't like it has to be surgically removed as opposed to filler.  If you opt for fat make sure you go to someone with experience in fat transfer to lower lids.   

I'm I a good candidate for fat transfer? (photos)

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There are NEVER any guarantees to the longevity of infra orbital fat grafting! Fee $2,000 under local anesthesia or with Laughing gas. 

Fat transfer

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You would be a good candidate for fat grafting.  Non only will it improve your lower eyelid and tear troughs but also add volume to your malar region.  The procedure can be done in the office under local anesthesia which helps with the cost of the procedure.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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