Just had my 4th baby! My breast were Large D while pregnant so. Would a small D implants be acceptable/natural? (photos)

Do I need a Mini Lift?Surgeons that offer Military Discount? (located in GA,AL,FL or SC) How soon after breast feeding can I start the process? What are some questions that I should ask the surgeon for consult? My boobs have been through it all. Poor things. There were a large D while pregnant. I am still breast feeding but right now andim very saddened by my appearance. My husband loves my body but, I'm over here crying inside. It effects our sex life.

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You would require a breast lift along with the implants to have a cosmetically acceptable result with good shape/position/nipple raising of your breasts. There is no "D cup implant" as it depends on the patient you are placing it in. Yes, you can expect large, full well shaped/positioned breasts after your surgery. Yes, they will have the scars of a full breast lift surgery.Yes, we offer 10% off my professional fee to military patients and professional medical patients.

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