I'm 5'1 & I weigh 98-101 pounds. Would I be able to get fat injected into my butt?

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Fat transfer

Hard to answer without pictures or an exam.  The procedure will depend on how much donor fat you have to harvest to inject in your buttock area.  Get evaluated by an plastic surgeon and after an exam they will be able to fully answer your question.

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Fat to buttocks

The answer depends on donor fat volume. If you have enough fat to transfer, then you are fully capable to have fat transfer to your buttocks.

Fat transfer

The answer is yes you will be able to have that done. The question is how much will be available to inject and will that be a significant result. A picture would be helpful for this forum or a better solution would be to visit with board-certified plastic surgeons to get a definitive answer.

I'm 5'1 & I weigh 98-101 pounds. Would I be able to get fat injected into my butt?

   This is always difficult to answer without pictures or an exam.   I have performed fat transfer on models and fitness competitors.  This really just depends upon where the fat is stored and how well the surgeon can remove the fat so that it can be transferred.

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