Can Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Fix This?

I am an 18 year old male and I have a nose that has a slightly droopy tip (more pronounced when I smile) and a bit of a bump on the bridge. I know nonsurgical rhinoplasty can help even out the bump, but will this make the droopy tip look better or worse? And is there an option to help the droopy tip? Thank you

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Nonsurgical or Rhinoplasty

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   Fillers and Botox may be appropriate, but without pictures and/or an exam I cannot recommend one over the other.  Kenneth Hughes, MD rhinoplasty Los Angeles, CA

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty & Droopy Tip

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Nonsurgical rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of a bump by filling above it, making the bridge look straighter (but higher).  Whether it will make the tip look more droopy depends on exactly what shape your bump is.  However, do not despair. Botox can be injected at the base of the columella (in central upper lip) to slightly weaken the muscles that pull the tip down.  This can even lift the tip in some patients.  The bad news: Botox effects only last about 3 months.  See an experienced dermatologist, plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon to see what can help best in your specific case.  Good luck! Dr. Minas Constantinides

Minas Constantinides, MD
Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

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