Nonsurgical Nose Job Tip Fillers

i had a rhinoplasty done and feel the doctor took to much off my tip making me feel uncomfortable.i was wondering if they can add onto a tip using the nonsurgical fillers? if they can how much more can they add,how much is it and how long do u have to wait after ur nose job to do this? also if you no anyone in the milwaukee area that does this itd be most appreciated to let me know.thanks

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Non Surgical Nose Jobs for the Tip of the Nose

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Non Surgical Nose Jobs have been successfully used to treat a variety of problems affecting the tip of the nose. These include raising a nasal tip that has fallen with age due to loss of cartilage, filling in a split or depression that divides the nasal tip into what appears to be two segments, and straightening a variety of bumps directly over the nasal tip that have resulted from rhinoplasty surgery or are simply genetic. 

Raising the nasal tip in my experience is a five minute procedure that requires the use of a volumizer placed at the junction of the columella (the center bar of cartilage that separates the nasal passages0 and the upper lip. The inserted volume literally buttresses the lower portion of the nose, in effect raising it. Sometimes a little Botox or Dysport placed in the this area is necessary to obtain the lift desired and also may prolong the life of the results. A curved tip or a bumpy one can likewise be straightened using an injectable volumizer. Small amounts are often all that are necessary ot achieve this. An injectable filler will generally suffice for clefts of the nasal tip.

I have found Radiesse, a calcium-based volumizer and Perlane-L, a hyaluronic acid-based one, to be excellent for raising the tip. Juvederm Ultra XC is my favorite for filling the clefts or evening out bumps on the top side of nasal tip. The cost will depend upon the choice of material and the amounts used. Generally, small amounts are necessary, making these techniques quite affordable.

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