Is Non-surgical Nose Job Right for Me?

I have a bulbous tip that is pinched, and my nose is downturned when smiling and not smiling. Do I have any options to utilize fillers or Botox? I don't mind the size; I just want some graceful structure, and a neater upturned profile.

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Fillers and/or Botox cannot do the job. You need delicate surgery.

You need surgery. Filler's "add" and you need to reduce, to refine, to thin the nose.

You appear to be a good candidate. For you, refining the tip, raising it just a bit and narrowing the bridge a tad should do the job.

If your nose droops with smiling, that can be managed as the nose is slightly lifted.

Make sure you are comfortable with the doctor's plan by seeing a computer-generated image of the predicted result. Check out other cases, in the before and after album, that seem similar to yours.

Finally, be sure you also have the doctor check your breathing to make sure that there is no chance of any change from narrowing your nose. A painless flashlite-look inside will tell the story.

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Non-surgical nose job is not the right treatment

Sorry Arc1982c. The only way of reliably narrowing a bulbous nasal tip is to narrow the width of the lower lateral cartilages making up the tip and then bring them together with several sutures effectively narrowing their arches. The tip would then have to be raised higher either by placing a lifting suture on the septum behind or with a cartilage graft seated on the anterior nasal spine making it the most anterior part of the bone at the base of the nasal opening. The pulling down of the nose when smiling can be corrected during nose surgery by dividing the little muscle that does the pulling , depressor nasalis septi muscle. It has no other function and the down pulling would be greatly improved.

In summary - you need surgery to achieve your very reasonable goals. There are no non surgical magical ways to get you there.

Hope this was helpful.

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