Can a Nonincisional Asian Eyelid Surgery Be Reversed After One Month?

I had a nonincision Asian double eyelid surgery to raise the fold higher so my eyes are not so heavy. After one month, I can feel the 3 point knots the surgeon had placed in my eyelid. Permenant sutures were used. Also, surgeon made crease alot higher which is causing strain in my eye muscles. When I look up I can feel the thread in my eye. I am blinking alot more because of the eye strain and the feel of the thread. Can this surgery be undone at the one month mark? Any swelling afterwards?

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It is possible to remove the suture but no one can guarantee this will reverse the surgery.

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It is actually more like than not the cutting the suture will not undo the surgery.  At just a month out, it is certainly possible that you are still swollen and this swelling will continue to resolve.  I would recommend multiple second opinions with other eyelid surgeons regarding your other options.  Although this requries effort and expense on your part it is likely you will find a new surgoen who makes sense 

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Reversal of nonincisional Asian eyelid surgery

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In nonincisional Asian eyelid surgery, permanent sutures are placed below the skin to secure the crease. The sutures could be removed after a month but there may be permanent sequelae. There may be scarring around the suture which could remain even after the suture is removed.

Suture removal requires an incisional procedure and subsequent postoperative edema is more than likely to occur.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
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Can a Nonincisional Asian Eyelid Surgery Be Reversed After One Month?

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The sutures can be removed and the scars released and a new crease can be created but will need an experienced surgeon who is very familiar with Asian eyelid surgery. It will have to be an open technique.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

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