I am 24 years old. Non Surgical Way to Remove Under Eye Puffiness?

I am 24 years old and I am self concious about taking off my glasses because it is so puffy underneath my eyes. Is there a non surgical way to remove the under eye puffiness?

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Treatment options for under eye puffiness depend on why you are puffy

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Some young people look puffy below their eyes and what they are seeing is a family trait toward an overactive orbicularis muscle (the one that closes your eyes). This presents as a ridge just below the eyelashes. There is no treatment for this other than possibly a couple of drops of Botox.

Below that level, there can be some puffy fat showing. This is uncommon in a young patient but may be a familial trait. Sometimes it just LOOKS like there is extra fat when actually there is a tear trough groove below the fat along the bone rim creating an illusion of extra fat. This can be treated with dermal fillers like Restylane with nice results that can last as long as a year.

If you are in Atlanta, you should go and see Rod Hester, M.D. at Paces Plastic Surgery - he is the master!

Yes it's possible

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Given that you are so young, I think you have a few options. It really depends on what the extent of your puffiness is - as we all age, the membrane that retains your lower eyelid fat weakens and gradually allows a bulge to form behind your eyelids. This is often made worse by a relative depression along the bone below your eyelid (which is referred to as a tear trough deformity) - one thing to consider as non surgical option is a filler (ie, Restylane works well here) to fill up the tear trough and smooth out the overall contour of your eyelid region. It takes probably no more than 30 minutes and you usually don't have any dowtime. You may have a little bruising and swelling that should subside in a few days.

Nonsurgical way to remove eye puffiness

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  There are no nonsurgical ways to remove under eye puffiness.  But it certainly can be smoothed with the use of fillers.  I would try this and I prefer Restylane for this.  Good luck!

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