Is There a Non Surgical Way to Remove Keloid?

I have had keloids for about 3 yrs I have been waiting in a queue to remove them but just found out I have to go private. Does the removal cost a lot and is there any natural way to do it without surgery?

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Keloid removal is best done via nonsurgical methods

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Best approach to keloid scar removal is nonsurgical. By definition, keloid takes place in a location such as the upper torso that has demonstrated its tendency to form exuberant scarring. Nonsurgical keloid treatment should involve a board-certified dermatologist who can assist you with intralesional steroid injection, intralesional 5-FU injection, Aldara application, and topical steroid with tape or silicone gel occlusion. Surgery is absolutely the last resort and if needs to be done, should be followed by nonsurgical approach outlined above and perhaps to be followed by radiation therapy for resistant cases.

and if it has to be done,

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