Non-surgical Treatment to Fade Large, Raised Leg Scar?

I have a large scar on my leg stretching my entire right thigh. I suffered a degloving injury in a bus accident nine years ago. Some sections are raised, some are sort of pinched, and some are just discoloured. I would like to flatten and fade it as much as possible, but as the scar tissue is so old, I don't know if silicone sheeting will be much help. Do you think silicone gel pads could work for me? Can you suggest any other non-surgical scar removal treatments I could try?

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Pulsed dye laser for burn scars and leg scars

Burn scars, injured skin, and hypertrophic scars can be improved with topical Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM creams + pulsed dye laser.

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Scar tissue and silicone sheets

Dear Sam112,

Given the age of your scar, silicone sheets are not likely to work. At this stage, I would recommend trying laser resurfacing with a Fraxel laser. Try a test section first. This will not restore your normal skin but will help with some of the areas that are pinched and raised. The other option you can try is going to a dermatologist for intralesional cortisone shots to the raised area. I think that may be worth your while as the over the counter creams and silicone pads, etc. are not likely to help too much.

Good luck,
Dr. Mariwalla

Kavita Mariwalla, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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