What Muscle Do You Inject to Lift the Nose?

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The depressor, septi and nasai

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The depressor, septi and nasai are the muscles that should be injected to list the nose.  But not everyone is a candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty, so you should to get evaluated by an expert in surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty and they can determine what is best for you. 

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Muscle injection to lift the nose

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It all depends on the degree and cause of nasal drooping.

IF the nasal tip is pulled down when you smile (also causes a transverse crease across the upper lip) then the pull is caused by the Depressor nasi septi muscle. This is usually addressed with a simple procedure done through the upper lip rather than Botox.

If the nasal drooping is caused by AGE (greater amount of lax skin allowing it to shift forward) or a change in internal nasal anatomy, then the proposed treatment would depend on what you want and what your nasal tissues will allow.

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The ptosis of the nose from bony and dental loss, photoaging and other aging factors is very complex. I'd suggest that your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon will know how to correct nose ptosis using a combination of fillers injected into the correct plane as well as minute, but carefully placed Botox. If the doctor does not know where to inject, I'd recommend you not get injected by that physician.

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