Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Advice

I am considering non-surgical Rhinoplasty as an alternative to going under the knife. I've been told that my two options are Restylane or Radiesse. The downside of Restylane is that it is not firm enough to really improve the tip. The downside of Radiesse is that it is not reversible like Restylane, and you just have to wait two years or so for it to dissipate on its own. Are these true? Are there other alternatives that would work for the tip but are reversible if I don't like it and think it just makes my nose look bigger?

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

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You are correct. Non surgical rhinoplasty with Radiesse will achieve greater tip projection. However, it is essentially irreversible. Hyaluronic (juvederm or restylane) fillers have the advantage of being reversible but are generally not structurally strong enough to support the tip.

I am including a video. These patients all recieved radiesse.

Non-surgical rhino is only for select problems.

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Your understanding of the fillers is very good and quite accurate. But remember, non-surgical rhinoplasty is not always a substitute for surgery, nor can it achieve many of the things that surgery can. For filling in a dent or a low bridge, it's a reasonable option for some patients. Adding tip projection and definition non-surgically is more iffy. As for alternatives, unfortunately the only real alternative is surgery.

As my colleague suggests, though, make sure that the doctor evaluating you for a non-surgical rhinoplasty is also well-training and experienced in performing a real surgical rhinoplasty. If he or she is not, then they may not be aware of the limitations of non-surgical rhinoplasty and they are typically less well versed in evaluating nasal and facial aesthetics.

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David C. Pearson, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty advice

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You got it Bridget!

But - I would like to add 2 items for your consideration.

1. These procedures have not been around a very long time and are often done by non-rhinoplasty surgeons. As a result, substandard results and "minor" complications are not as widely reported as they otherwise would be.

2. Despite the claims to the contrary, few items are truly "reversible". This is especially true for any filler that claims to "build collagen" acts by causing inflammation and scar production. By definition, scar production is not always predictable. SHOULD you decide that you need to have a rhinoplasty after all, there MAY be scarring in the operative space which may compromise the procedure and its ultimate results.

As regards : "Are there other alternatives that would work for the tip but are reversible if I don't like it and think it just makes my nose look bigger?" If all you want is a tip refinement Rhinoplasty, see a nose surgeon you can discuss it with. Your goals MAY be met with a filler. The only way to find out is collect pictures of nasal tips you like AND hate and show them to your surgeon. Together you will reach the plan best suited for you.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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