Non-surgical Nose Job After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had Revision Rhinoplasty 15 days ago, but there is a prominent hump on the bridge of my nose since cast removal. This was not there before surgery, and it appears to be bone that I don't think can suddenly disappear. My profile view looks awful. I need to do something because I'm getting married in December, and I can't get another revision Rhinoplasty for quite awhile. I was hoping to have a non-surgical nose job and have it wear off, and then around a year I could get another Revision Rhinoplasty. Please give me any advice! Thanks!

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Non surgical nose jobs can hide some imperfections

The final result of a rhinoplasty cannot be assessed at the 15 day mark.  The swelling is improving, but the healing will need much longer to see what this nose will look like long term.  A non permanent filler may help in cases where a slight irregularity is present.  An experienced surgeon is needed to assess the case. I suggest as a first best step to go to your original surgeon and discuss your concerns and options.

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Early intervention is always the wrong thing to do

It's fairly standard in the rhinoplasty literature to suggest waiting a year before considering a revision. This is the right thing to do in the great majority of cases.

The only situation in which a revision might be considered sooner would be if there is a clear anatomic abnormality early in the post-operative course. The worse the area of concern, the greater the arguement to consider a revision sooner.

Even with this logic, 15 days is probably too soon to make decisions. Hopefully, the picture has clarified itself a little since you wrote this question. The key thing here is good quality communication with your surgeon. Meet with him and discuss the situation. If 2-3 months post-op there is a very obvious problem, then some sort of action (surgical or non-surgical) could be entertained. On the other hand, if things are headed in the right direction, it might be better to stay the course.

Hope that helps.

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Rhinoplasty post op hump

15 days is obviously too soon to be overly concerned or to do anything. December is still a ways off. There isn't anything that can or should be done at this time to improve the nose. Wait until at least 3 months. That should be June. Then assess the situation. The bump on your nose could then be managed with minimal rasping or possibly a filler depending on the problem.

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See your doctor

It may be possible for him to manipulate the nose and perhaps taping will help.  It may be that you just have to ride this out.  I am sorry that you are having the problem.



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