Non Surgical Nose Job for Pinched Nose?

I am interested in this procedure for a temporary period as I plan to have a surgical procedure in the next few years. I am a former cocaine user with a 10+ period of heavy use and over the years.

The abuse of my addiction caused my nose or bridge to collapse or partially collapse as well as becoming more "pinched" in due to loss of volume I assume from tissue/cartilage loss. I guess you could say I have a "saddle nose" deformity now and I am hoping fillers or injections could improve my profile and make it more aesthetic/lifted.

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Non surgical nose jobs - saddle nose deformity

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The best way to correct a saddle nose deformity is with surgery. You often need cartilage or bone to provide enough dorsal support. However if you are awaiting the surgical correction, I would highly recommend that you go to a surgeon who can do both the nonsurgical and surgical approach for planning purposes. I would recommend using a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler It can be reversed should you not like the results.  Dermal fillers are great for small deformities. However if you have a lot of scar tissue and a very obvious Saddle nose deformity, you may only get so far with the dermal filler approach. A lot of this would be based on the physical exam and the actual trying out the dermal filler injection to see how the tissue responds.

Good luck


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Small amounts of safe Hyaluronic acid fillers (Restylane, Juvederm) are usually OK as a temporary fix in the nose but longer lasting fillers or higher volumes can result in potential infections with irreversible scars. 


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