Could Non-surgical Nose Job Fix Nose Bump?

I would like to fix my nose to have it more of a gradual slope and not a distinct bump. What would be the best thing to do?

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Non-surgical vs surgical rhinoplasty

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My best advice to you is to explore the different options to see what makes the most sense for you. If you are looking to have a smaller nose or as you put it a "gradual slope" then surgery is probably the way you want to go. Fillers really cannot make your nose look smaller.

However, perhaps you may find that placing a small amount of filler just at the top of the bridge- which would give you a straight profile- is all you want. In this case you can see someone, like Dr Alexander Rivkin, who has one of the largest experience bases with non surgical nose jobs to get his opinion on how long that would last and how it is done.

As with most things, be as informed as possible and get information from experienced physicians so you can make the best informed decision for you.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty? Before you commit, do a " saline test"

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It may well be that fillers could be satisfactory.

One no-risk way to find out would be to have the nasal cosmetic surgeon do a " saline test". This is a "demo" by which the saline, which is sterile salt water, is injected to produce the change you request.

The salt water solution will disappear in an hour or so but you will be able to see in the mirror if it did what you had in mind. If so, commit to fillers. If not, there is still the surgery option.

The "saline test" is a brief office procedure. The skin is anesthetized with a creme prior.

It's a winner. Like taking a car out for a test drive or taking a new pair of skis out for a run before you purchase.

Robert Kotler, MD
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Non-surgical nose procedure

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Facial fillers can improve nasal contour, but this is a temporary fix that may require multiple treatments indefinitely.  I would recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon to identify the anatomy of your nose with respect to your face and determine the suitability of a rhinoplasty for you.

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