Non-surgical Nose Job for Disappointed Second-timer

Hello. Is there a way to correct my nose without resorting to surgery? I had rhinoplasty over six years ago and had been unhappy with the result.

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Whether or not it is possible to improve the appearance...

Whether or not it is possible to improve the appearance of your nose without surgery depends in large part on what it looks like now and what your expectations and goals are. Certain problems like a poor contour on the dorsum (top) of the nose can potentially be corrected with fillers. But if the nose is, for example, still too long, or deviated to one side or another, my recommendation would be to go to an experienced plastic surgeon who feels comfortable taking on a case like yours. Surgical correction, while it may seem like a big undertaking, can give very natural, long-lasting results, as long as you and your doctor agree on the plan, as well as the potential risks.

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Revision

The use of injectable fillers can produce temporary (about year-long) improvements by filling in small defects or irregularities and small augmentations.

Almost any other correction would require surgery.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical rhinoplasty unlikely to be successful in correcting a surgical problem

Non-surgical rhinoplasty implies the use of an injectable filler to add volume or plump out depressed areas of the nose. While that can be temporarily effective for some nasal areas, the problems or unhappiness from a prior rhinoplasty is unlikely to fall into that category. Chasing a non-surgical solution to a problem created by a prior surgery is understandable but conceptually flawed. Untoward rhinoplasty results require a more permanent solution which is some modification or adjustment of the natural anatomy.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Secondary Rhinoplasty vs. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Minor irregularities can potentially be addressed using injectable fillers but these resorb over time and are not without their share of complications.  The best way to address a major concern following rhinoplasty, including asymmetry, significant irregularities, inadequate correction of original problems, is to perform a secondary revision procedure -- another rhinoplasty.

Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
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"Nonsurgical" revision rhioplasty

There is such a procedure as “nonsurgical” rhinoplasty, in which injectable products such as Radiesse or Perlane can be used to fill in indentations, or help to support the nasal tip. There have been some reports of complications from this technique, so be sure to discuss this with your surgeon.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Hello Gio-

Sorry to hear that you are not happy with your surgical results....not seeing a picture of you does make it a little difficult to give you any solid recommendations. I have used soft tissue fillers in the past to improve contour irregularities after Rhinoplasty...proceed with caution! Because the anatomy and the blood supply of your nose has changed after surgery, only allow a Board Certified Plastic or Nasal Surgeon manage your nose in this way. Otherwise, I have seen terrible and sometimes catastrophic results when not experienced medical personnel attempt this type of correction.

Good Luck and I hope this helps a little!

Dr. C

John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS
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Nonsurgical rhinoplasty to revise previous rhinoplasty results

Rhinoplasty is a popular and effective surgery to recontour the shape of your nose. There are several small problems that can be addressed with a noninvasive rhinoplasty. If you have a small depression or a bump on your nose on the bridge of your nose that you wish to camouflage, this may be done with a small amount of dermal filler. Keep in mind that this is a very delicate procedure were less is much much more. You should only work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in rhinoplasty and in using dermal fillers.

Pat Pazmino, MD, FACS
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Revision nose surgey without surgery

If you have a minor deflection of your nose or a small indentation you can use fillers. Fillers vary in character and in use. You should see a physicia who is comfortable with all types of fillers. While these fillers may help you, they are only temporary. You are better off seeing a well qualified nasal surgeon for the long run (Facial Plastic surgeon or Plastic surgeon.

Good Luck

Carlos Wolf, MD
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Possibility of a non-surgical nose job for disappointed second-timer

Most problems requiring secondary surgery cannot be fixed without an operation. For minor indentations, filler injections can be used, but they eventually dissolve and need continual re-treatment.

Howard T. Bellin, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical nose job to correct post Rhinoplasty problems

The only way I can answer this question is to see photos of your nose as well as examine your nose. The nonsurgical nose job can be very effective for certain post rhinoplasty problems but as you know the results are short lived.

Jason B. Diamond, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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