Non-invasive Comestic Treatments for Lipoma Removal?

Would treatments such as cavitation or ultrasound cavitation or lipolysis would work for remove or at least reduce the size of lipomas? I have many, most of them small size (1 to 4.5cm) so I want to explore options besides surgery or liposuction.

Tthanks in advance for your answer.

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Multiple lipomas

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Hello and thanks for your inquiry.

It appears you have "Multiple familial lipomatosis". These can be familial, are many, sometimes uncomfortable to painful. Most of the time are located in the forearm and leg area.

Simple excision of the smaller(painful)ones is the easiest approach. Maybe some of them should be examined by a pathologist(if not done in the past). Liposuction can be done for the bigger ones. Lipolysis with Sodium deoxycholate, injection of Lipostabil and/or Cryotherapy (Cryolipolysis) appear at this stage cumbersome and not with promising results.

I hope this helps and good luck !

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Lipoma removal

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First, this is not cosmetic, it woud be mor in line with reconstructive.  Insurance should cover it.  Excision is usually preferred, however, liposuction may sometimes be done. 

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