Can Nodules Caused by Sculptra Cause Excessive Saliva in Mouth?

In Fall of 2011' I had 2 injections of Sculptra over 3 mos. In March of 2012 I had a 4 tooth dental bridge. In May of 2012 I developed nodules inside cheeks that were biopsied as Chronic Sialadenitis and Incipient Mucus Escape Reaction. I have experienced excessive saliva constantly since the bridge was put. I am seriously considering having it removed at considerable expense. Is it possible the saliva and and mucus escape is causing the problem and not the bridge? Need to know ASAP.

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Sculptra injections and excess saliva

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I don't think that I have the knowledge to completely answer your question, but I do not believe that any of your issues are caused from the Sculptra injections.  The nodules that you developed are not the type of nodules that would develop as result of Sculptra.  I think you need to discuss your saliva issue with your dentist.    

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