I'm getting breast implants on Friday and today is my last day to decide whether or not to choose Silicone or Saline.

The main thing that is holding me back from silicon is if I were to get prego within the next 2 years after having them done and one has a silent rupture that I'm not aware of and it gets exposed to my baby. Is that dangerous for the baby? What is the silent rupture percentage rate? Do women actually pay 1,000s of dollars to check there silicon implants with an MRI? Also my mom has had Saline for the past 12 years and loves them and it makes me feel more trusted to choose Saline.

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Saline or Silicone?

Please take just a little bit more time and read the sections of my Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation about saline vs. silicone. (Click on the web reference link below) Please also read the answer from the plastic surgeon from Great Britain, Mr. Hurren (Doctors in Great Britain are referred to by the honorarium Mr., not Dr.).

To summarize, there is NO credible scientific evidence that silicone (or saline) implants have any ill effects on a baby during pregnancy or breast-feeding, or in fact on the woman who has them. 

Silicone implants (by all 3 USA manufacturers) are ALL now cohesive, and cannot "leak" and require massive force (or surgeon damage during insertion) to "rupture" them. MRI scans "every 2-3 years" make no sense at all, and are wrong 21% of the time anyway. I and many of my colleagues do not recommend them, and openly dispute this nonsensical and non-scientific FDA "recommendation."

Saline implants feel less natural, frequently have visible and palpable rippling--cohesive silicone implants have less, and more-fully-filled implants like Allergan Natrelle Inspira implants have virtually no visible rippling even with the thinnest women. Saline implants can leak, requiring surgery to replace them. If one of your mom's saline implants someday leak and deflate, an operation IS necessary. With cohesive silicone implants, leakage is impossible (they are a soft solid) and re-operation is needed only if you choose larger or smaller implants, or have some other sort of problem--all of which are equally possible with saline implants.

I hope your surgeon has the capability to use silicone implants, and won't have to cancel surgery since "the wrong ones" were ordered. We stock saline AND silicone in our office surgical facility, so pre-ordering is not needed for situations like yours. Best wishes tomorrow! Dr. Tholen

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I'm getting breast implants on Friday and today is my last day to decide whether or not to choose Silicone or Saline.

I tell my patients that "peace of mind" is very important.  If, for whatever reason, you feel more comfortable with saline breast implants (and your anatomic features will allow for the problem free outcome with the saline breast implants), then you will likely be just fine with the use of saline breast implants (assuming a well executed operation). 
Best to discuss your concerns directly with your plastic surgeon, who will be in the best position to advise you. Best wishes with your decision-making and for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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do whatever will let you sleep at night, don't worry about the baby issue- it does not exist.  read the comment from the English gentleman below. it makes all the sense in the world

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Which Implant?

Thanks for your question. The decision of which implant to choose is really a personal choice combined with what your surgeon recommends for your particular situation. If you are being seen by a board-certified plastic surgeon, I would give strong consideration to the surgeon's recommendation. Good luck with your surgery!

Janet Turkle, MD
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Saline or silicone and pregnancy

In England,UK we never stopped using silicone implants. We believe they feel more natural. 30-40 000 women a year have silicone implants in the UK. There has been no convincing evidence that these have harmed unborn babies.I believe in the USA women with silicone implants are advised to have MRI scans every 2 years. In the UK we have not adopted that approach and usually only request scans when we have reason to believe something may be wrong.I hope a brief perspective from the UK is helpful!

Jeremy S. Hurren, BSc, MBBS, FRCS (Plast)
Chichester Plastic Surgeon
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