What is the better option to tighten loose facial skin; Thermage or thread lift? (photos)

What is the better option to tighten loose facial skin? I have drooping jowls and sagging cheeks ( hereditary) not sure which will be more effective to tighten?

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Pick your Surgeon Rather than your procedure

In my opinion, both Thermage and treadlift procedures are bad choices and either are not that effective or don't last that long. There are better non-surgical and surgical approaches that are better in many ways. 
My advice is to find the best plastic surgeon and let him/her guide you as to what is recommended. See the below link on suggestions on how to do this.

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Thermage and Thread Lift versus Ultherapy - Williamsville, NY

Thermage and Thread Lift have different indications and efficacy.

Ultherapy uses focused energy and delivery is visulaized by DeepSee or B mode ultrasound.

It is FDA cleared in the U.S. and patients who have had this procedure report high satisfaction. 

Read the ultherpy ebook on the link below. 

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Thermage to tighten jowls and loose skin

Thermage is an amazing device which produces new collagen in the skin and helps tighten up facial skin. It would be the ideal non-surgical procedure for skin tightening of the jowls. In combination I would also recommend either Voluma or Sculptra to give volume to your mid face since this is the area which needs to be rejuvenated. Please consult a board certified dermatologist who has a great deal of experience with these procedures for the best cosmetic results. 

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Ultherapy vs. Thermage for the face

In our office, we use the Ulthera lower face and neck lift to achieve tightening and rejuvenation of the jawline, jowls, lower face, and neck. The results are consistently positive in patients who wish to have a non surgical neck lift and facelift. 


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Thread Lift or Thermage?

Thanks for your question and for including the photo as well. I always recommend that you have a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who understands the cosmetic options for skin tightening. You have numerous options, and while surgery may be one of them, there are plenty of non-invasive alternatives that will help tighten and rejuvenate your skin. One of the first things that one may consider is Ultherapy, which is a fractional ultrasound procedure that can definitely tighten and treat lax skin in the face and neck. It is a one-time procedure in most everyone and results are seen usually at the 3-month time period. In addition, there are a variety of radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening devices that work after a series of treatments to give some very nice results here – these include the Venus Legacy, the EndyMed 3Deep, and the Alma Accent and VShape. Again, an office which has multiple treatment options can examine you, work with you on what may be the best for you, and take care it the tightening and sagging that is bothering you.

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